Friday, 11 June 2010

Umbraco Code Garden 2010 - Ticket Auction for Charity

Hi All,

When Code Garden 2010 was first announced I bought two early bird tickets for the conference as at the time I had hoped to offer the ticket to one of my developers, but unfortunately both of them are unable to make the conference so I am left with a spare ticket.

Some people would try to sell the ticket to get the money back, but I thought I'd prefer to put the ticket up for auction and donate all the money to a charity called Able Kidz who help children with disabilities by providing them special computers and software.

If you would like to bid for the ticket please look at the auction here:

Umbraco Codegarden 2010 Ticket

Happy bidding and hopefully see the winner at Codegarden!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Almost at our first year anniversary!

It has been a hectic first year at Vizioz and things are still going from strength to strength. 11 months ago I started Vizioz with zero capital investment in the middle of a recession, which to some may seem a daunting prospect but to others including myself it was the challenge I needed to make me want to get up in the morning :) I wanted to prove that even in the curent financial climate it is still possible to start a new business.

We are still experiencing the normal growing pains of a small business but this is something we just need to work our way through, it is amazing how much paperwork and administration there is running a small business, office admin, insurance, vat and for the last few months PAYE.

For the last 9 months we have shared an office with another small business called Little Big Ideas. They are a design agency working across a broad spectrum of design from branding, print and digital. Last month we decided to move offices to a larger office and now have room for 8 of us, so now we need a couple more clients to help produce enough work to fill the space and grow to the next level.

As well as moving office 2 months ago I blogged about my first employee Colin starting work for me, he has picked up Umbraco very well and has mastered the art of good CSS design, as the majority of our clients are large multi-nationals they still require support for IE6 which as all web developers know is the nightmare of all web browsers.

This month has seen the next step in the growth of Vizioz as I have taken on another PhD graduate called Pricilla, welcome to the team!

This month we plan to launch our own website to enable us to showcase some of the sites we have built over the past 11 months and to allow potential clients to see what we can offer. We might still be relatively small but we have some great case studies to show and with two PhD graduates on the team we have great talent capable of producing complex and innovative solutions for our clients.

As soon as we have launched out new website I will blog again about what the future holds for Vizioz and what we can offer our prospective clients as well as e obvious Umbraco CMS solutions.

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