Monday, 30 November 2009

Umbraco Developer 's Christmas Office :)

This weekend my colleague and I decided it was a good idea to decorate our office for Christmas, it's quite difficult to actually photograph it to it's full effect, but you'll have to take our word for it, it looks pretty Christmasy :)

We have a 7' Tree covered in lights and decorations, lights around our PC's, tinsel everywhere we could fit it, and even large snow flakes hanging from the ceiling..

You'd think we have no work on, but if fact it's the opposite we're manically busy! But hey, it's a bit of fun and it seems to be cheering everyone up in this otherwise rather Dull Regus Serviced Office ;-)

We can definitely recommend doing something a bit different, as it's got us noticed and we've already won enough extra work from companies in the building to pay for our office for a year, not bad :)

So here's a photo of our office, has anyone else decorated their office? I'd be happy to update this post with any good Christmas office photos that you send me!

Happy Christmas all!


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